List of Administrator commands:

This list can be opened with the command ;;admincommands


  • up - teleport your Z coord +1
  • down - teleport your Z coord -1
  • tele <x, y, (optional z)> - teleport to coordinates x y (optional z else maintains existing z)
  • setbackcoords - save a coordinate to your player
  • teleback - teleport back to your saved coordinate
  • forceteleto/xteleto <player> - force set your coordinates to match a players
  • teleto - use a registered teleport to a player
  • teletome - use a registered teleport to move a player to you
  • sz/staffzone - teleport to the staff-zone (currently unused)
  • sendhome <player> - force a player home, removing any controllers
  • coords - print to Dev console your position and copy that to your System clipboard


  • clearchat - empty your chatbox
  • completeallquests - complete every quest
  • dhme/dhhp - set your hitpoints extremely low
  • setwickedcharges <integer> - sets your wicked pouch charges
  • checknpcdrops <npcID> - print to the dev console all drops for an NPC ID
  • checkitemdrops <itemID> - print to the dev console all NPCs which drop the Item ID
  • addsilverhawkfeathers <integer> - Increase your silverhawk feathers
  • cleartask - remove your slayer task
  • findplayercontrollers - print to Dev console any players on controllers
  • setvotepoints <integer> - Set your vote points to a new value
  • killme - instantly die, ignores godmode and resets your sign of life
  • resetsign - reset your sign of life cooldown
  • healme - instantly heal to full HP
  • title <integer> - set your title to a new ID
  • resetalllevels - reset your account levels
  • master - max all your levels
  • switchcurses - toggle between ancient curses and prayers
  • pestpoints - set your pest control points to 500
  • addreaperpts - increase your reaper points by 500
  • maxdung - set your dungeoneering complexity to 6 and highest floor to 60
  • empty - reset your inventory (no dialogue)
  • switchyell - toggle the world being able to use the yell command
  • god - set your hitpoints to 32k and your equipment bonuses extremely high
  • godhp - set your hitpoints to 32k
  • setlevel (<ID> <value>) - set your levels to a value (ID 0 - 25)
  • bank - open your bank anywhere
  • spec/adren - give yourself 100% special attack/adrenaline and put yourself in combat
  • itemsearch <name> - print to console items by ID
  • npcsearch <name> - print to console NPCs by ID
  • objsearch <name> - print to console Objects by ID
  • checkbank <playername> - check the bank of another player (is only visual, cannot use)


  • switchgodmode - toggle being unable to take any damage
  • switchnoclip - toggle collision check when clicking to move
  • switchnocooldowns - toggle ability cooldowns
  • switchinfiniteadrenaline/switchinfinitespec - toggle adrenaline consumption
  • switchalladmin <boolean> - toggle godmode + ability cooldowns + infinite special all at once
  • item (<ID>, <optional=quantity>) - spawn items by ID, with option for quantity
  • copy <playername> - copy the gear setup of another player
  • copyinventory <playername> - copy the inventory of another player
  • hide - toggle invisibility


  • anim/emote <ID> - perform an animation by ID
  • gfx (<ID>, <optional=delay>, <optional=height>) - perform a graphic with arguments
  • animgfx/sync (<animID>, <GFXID>, <optional=height>) - perform an animation and graphic
  • remote <ID> - set your render emote by ID
  • worldyell <message> - send a news broadcast to all online players
  • dice/diceroll - roll a 1-100 sided dice as a server broadcast
  • crabrave - start a crab rave
  • senddiscordmessage/discordmsg (<boolean=staff channel>, <message>) - send a message on discord
  • admintitle - apply the "Admin <name>" title

NPC Commands

  • tonpc <ID> - visually display yourself as an NPC by ID, -1 is back to human
  • hideasnpc <ID> - change your name, combat level and appearance to match an NPC by ID
  • removehideas - revert the 'hideasnpc' command


Only use in white portal clan wars, swap attack styles to change attacks (legacy mode). On YOUR death this awards pets/items so use with caution.

  • specialevent_start_rax - transform into Araxxor and use his combat script
  • specialevent_start_jad - transform into Tztok-jad and use his combat script
  • specialevent_start_wyrm - transform into a WildyWyrm and use its combat script
  • specialevent_end - end a special NPC combat script event (this auto triggers upon death)
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