Boss info:

Araxxor is a strong end-game boss, who will challenge you with many different boss mechanics, and test your ability to tank damage.

Getting there:

You will be able to get to Araxxor in one of three ways; the first being to use a boss teleport from the Vortex hub, the second being to use the boss portal in the max guild after attuning it to the Araxyte hive, and three, walking there (not recommended).

Auto attacks:

Araxxor can attack with two out of the three styles in the combat triangle based on which form he is in. If he is in a melee form (denoted by red legs) he will only use melee attacks if you are in melee distance of him, otherwise he will use ranged attacks. If he is in magic form (denoted by blue legs) he will only use magic attacks if you are NOT in melee distance of him, otherwise he will use both melee and magic attacks. If he is in ranged form, he will only use ranged attacks if you are NOT in melee distance, otherwise he can use both ranged and melee attacks.

Melee attacks can cause a bleed effect on the player.

Ranged attacks can poison the player.

Magic attacks can drain the stats of the player.


Araxxors boss mechanics vary depending on which paths happen to be open at any given time, two of the three paths will be open and one of the paths will be closed.

Araxxor will attack you three times and then perform a special ability, which ability he uses is random (taking into account path specific abilities), however he will never use the same ability twice in a row.

In order to progress though from phase 1 to phase 2, you must burn down one of the three (only two will be available) webs in the first area.

If Araxxor's health reaches zero on phase 1-2, he will heal back to 5000 lifepoints.

Araxxor has 3 forms that be can begin the encounter as, which is combat will be based around, these are melee, ranged and magic. Araxxor will always spawn as the type you are strongest against via the combat triangle.

Upon entering a new phase (excluding Araxxor entering phase 3 darkness path/Final phase), Araxxor will tally up the health he had remaining from the previous phase, as such it is suggested that you get Araxxor as low as possible (5000 or less health) before entering the next phase. Araxxor will receive heals of up to 30,000 periodically in the phase following the previous one that the health was tallied up, until the health pool has been depleted.

There are global mechanics, which regardless of boss phase and open path rotation Araxxor will perform; they are as follows:


Araxxor sweeps his large front legs in the direction of the player, dealing massive typless damage.

If you are not within melee distance of Araxxor, he will stun you for a brief period, and drag you toward him.

You can prevent this stun and drag by having either the freedom ability or the anticipation ability active before Araxxor cleaves you.

If you are in melee distance of Araxxor you will not be stunned, but if you do not move you will suffer the damage.

As soon as you see Araxxor begin to cleave, quickly click away so that you leave melee distance (note: it is advised the you right click or click a significant distance away from Araxxor until you are confident, as his hitbox drastically increases while doing the cleave attack).

The damage from Araxxors cleave attack will increase with enrage, from 4000 up to 8000.

Cleave can strike your familiars so watch out, it will also hit any melee, ranged or magic spiders in the damage radius.

Side note regarding familiars: Surging away will cause your familiar to be called to you, thus avoiding damage. Some players using melee may prefer this method over needing to call their familiars manually.


Araxxor will encase you in a cocoon, dealing typeless damage every game tick that you are trapped.

In order to free yourself, you must spam click on any tile other than the one you are currently on, or spam click on Araxxor himself. You can halve the amount of time that you are in the cocoon if 'before' you are encased, you have the anticipation ability or the freedom ability active. You cannot attack or move while encased, however you can eat food/drink potions. The damage from this attack scales with Araxxors enrage.

Web Shield:

Araxxor surrounds himself in a large web shield, and heals 1000 lifepoints at regular intervals until he leaves the shield (maximum of 5000 lifepoints). While it is still possible to damage Araxxor during his web shield (he doesn't take any less damage), if the player (or anything else such as a players familiar) does 'any' damage to Araxxor, they will receive 100% of the damage they do returned to themselves as reflect damage.

It is suggested that as soon as you see Araxxor shield himself, to click away from him to prevent further attacks, and call your familiar if you do not want it to take any damage. Players who feel more confident when facing Araxxor can opt to cast the defensive ability resonance, and then (without removing their shield) apply a single hit (preferably a high damage dealing single-handed ability such as the melee ability sever), which will damage Araxxor, and cause the player to heal for the reflected damage they would have taken.

Note that if you use a bleed attack on Araxxor, he will stop healing (but you will still take the reflect damage).

Egg bomb:

Note: this attack will not ever occur on phase 1 of the fight, only on phase 2 to phase 3.

Araxxor spawns 3 eggs at a location near the player, as well as sending out a bomb toward the player.

The goal in mitigating this attack is to run toward the eggs and stand as close as you can to the middle of the three, in which case you will only take 300 typeless damage, destroying the eggs in the process. If you fail to reach the eggs in time before the bomb hits you, you will take 3000 typeless damage and three spider minions will explode out from the eggs. There will always be one melee based minion, one ranged based minion and one magic based minion from the eggs. If you absolutely cannot make it to the eggs in time, it is advised to use the resonance ability as it will reduce the 3000 typless hit that you would receive to only 1 (you cannot heal using resonance on a typeless hit). If resonance is on cooldown, you may use the reflect ability to halve the typeless damage down to 1500.

Path specific mechanics:

Araxxor has several mechanics which it will only perform at certain phases throughout the fight, depending on which paths are currently open.

Minion path:

When the minion paths is unblocked (northern path), Araxxor gains the ability to call spiders to his aid.

The spiders will either crawl up from the ground, or fall down from the sky. The first three of the minions will randomly be either melee based, range based or magic based, and the fourth will either be a mirrorback spider or a pulsing spider.

The pulsing spider will heal Araxxor for 5000 health every time it 'attacks', so it is advised to deal with this spider as soon as possible if you see it. The pulsing spider is quite easy to spot, as it has a large orange abdomen.

The mirrorback spider can prove to be quite deadly for players. If a mirrorback spider is alive, and the player damages Araxxor at all, they will receive 'double' the damage they dealt back as reflect damage (note: this can stack with the web shield, for a total of 'triple' damage). When you see the mirrorback spider spawn, it is advised to immediately halt all attacks on Araxxor and focus your attention on the mirrorback spider. If it is impossible to reach the spider, due to already dealing with another mechanic, players may opt to use their familiar to attack it from a distance. The mirrorback spider is entirely grey in color.

Araxxor will spawn a total of 20 minions throughout the fight (excluding those from egg bombs), although if you manage to kill him before all the minions are spawned, you will not need to deal with any more.

Araxxor can spawn minions on phase 2 of the fight (minion path), phase 3 of the fight and phase 4 (as Araxxi) if the total of 20 minions killed has not been met.

Acid path:

The acid path is the middle path when entering the hive.

Upon burning down the web to access phase 2 of the fight, Araxxor gains the ability to perform a new ability, the instakill spider. Araxxor will send out a slow moving projectile, of the same visual appearance as his ranged attack, and upon impact with the ground, a small pool of green acid will appear. After a short duration, a spider will crawl out of the acid pool and begin the chase you around. The speed at which the acid spider moves is based on enrage.

Araxxor will perform the animation for his melee attack, but not do any damage to you, this is the indication that he has sent out his acid spider projectile, as soon as this happens, take note of the direction that the acid spider is going to spawn from, and position yourself on the opposite side of Araxxor, this will make it easier to escape from the spider, should it sprint towards you. As the acid spider moves toward you, it will fill up an adrenaline bar above its head. If the adrenaline bar reaches 100%, the acid spider will explode, dealing an 32,000 hit to any players within one tile of it. If the spider reaches you before it has filled its adrenaline bar, it will still explode and deal an 32,000 hit if you are within one tile of it. It is NOT possible to prevent the damage from the spider by using the resonance ability, however with the use of the barricade ability or the immortality ability, it is possible to survive the explosion.

There is a secondary mechanic that the player must deal with on phase two of the acid path.

In the middle of the path (halfway from the web which you burn to enter the path, and the bridge at the end of it) there is a pool of acid. You must lure Araxxor into this pool of acid so that it can absorb it. The reason for requiring Araxxor to absorb acid, is that you need Araxxor to drip this acid onto the bridge so that it can collapse and allow access to phase 3. Araxxor will slowly gain acidity whilst standing in the acid pool, shown via the acid bar on the interface. For every point of acid that Araxxor has absorbed, it will apply 2 points of damage to the bridge (which has 100 life). While in theory you would only need to get 50 points of acid absorbed in order to progress, while Araxxor is not in the acid pool, he will lose points of acid absorbed. There is a short gap between the acid pool and the bridge, and as such if you attempt to destroy the bridge with only 50 points of acid absorbed, Araxxor will have lost a few points on the way to the bridge, and thus it will never reach 100 points of destruction.

It is advised to lure Araxxor onto the bridge with at least 60 points of acid absorbed in order to guarantee that there will be enough acid to destroy the bridge.

Darkness Path:

Upon entering the darkness path (southern path), Araxxor will climb onto the ceiling, and is not able to be attacked directly. A new mechanic is introduced here: the darkness. Araxxor will plunge the arena into darkness, leaving only a small area of light left along the path. You must stand inside this light, or else you will take typeless damage, increasing by 50 points the longer you stay out of the light. Araxxor will attack with both ranged and magic attacks on this phase, regardless of which primary combat style he is. You may find it useful to use the resonance ability while standing in the light in order to heal from Araxxor's magic and ranged attacks, but be cautious about when you trigger the ability, as it can easily be consumed by a tick of the darkness passive damage. Araxxor will periodically send out egg bombs during the darkness phase. If you are in a situation where you are in the middle of the path, the light circle at one end, and an egg spawn at the other, opt to head towards the eggs, and put on the reflect ability to halve the incoming passive damage (plus the damage from the bomb impacting the eggs). If you have it available, you may choose to use the barricade ability if you have a particularly long distance outside the light to run towards the eggs.

After a while of enduring the passive darkness damage (and other attacks), Araxxor will come down from the ceiling and prepare to charge at the player. You are presented with an arrowkey-like interface, which you will need to click the correct direction in order to avoid Araxxor crashing into you.

The correct buttons to dodge are as follows:

If Araxxor starts his charge with his front legs to the right, click the right arrow.

If Araxxor starts his charge with his front legs to the left, click the left arrow.

if Araxxor starts his charge with his front legs downward, click the down arrow.

If Araxxor starts his charge with his front legs wide open, and his mouth open, click the up arrow.

Note: you can press the arrowkeys on your keyboard instead of clicking the buttons with your mouse.

The wall in which Araxxor charges towards has 100 points of health. Performing the correct dodge will result in no damage being taken by the player, and Araxxor dealing 50 points of damage to the wall. Performing the incorrect dodge will result in 4000-8000 (based on enrage) typeless damage inflicted to the player, and only 25 points of damage being dealt to the wall. Once the wall reaches 100 points of damage it will collapse, allowing passage into phase 3.

Phase 3:

Phase three can be initiated in one of three ways.

It is possible to enter phase three as soon as phase 2 starts on the minion path, as there is nothing obstructing entry, however this is not advised as Araxxor will simply have another 100,000 health stored to heal with during phase 3. It is advised to get Araxxor under 5000 health before entering the loading zone for phase 3 from the minion path.

From the acid path, once the bridge has absorbed 100 points of acid, it will collapse, revealing a slope for the player to slide down. This can prove problematic for some players, because as soon as the bridge reached 100 points of acid, Araxxor will climb up onto the ceiling briefly, before descending down onto the phase 3 area of the arena. Simply click the slope created when the bridge collapses when the option appears.

From the darkness path, as soon as the wall has taken 100 points of damage, it will collapse and you will be able to enter phase 3.

During phase 3, you will receive all the previous mechanics, and on top of that, you will receive mechanics from all available paths. For instance, if the open paths are acid and darkness, and the player chooses to take the darkness path, they will have to deal with instakill spiders on phase 3. Likewise, if one of the open paths is minion path, players will have to deal with minion spawns on phase 3, provided they haven't already reached the cap of 20 minions spawned. If one of the open paths is the darkness path, Araxxor will periodically plunge the arena into darkness, and you will need to head toward the circles of light presented to you.

As an additional mechanic, if the acid phase is open, Araxxor will sometimes spawn highly acidic spiders.

These spiders are nothing to fear, as they are not the same as the instakill acid spiders, despite having a similar appearance, you simply need to click on one, and lure it to Araxxor so that it can absorb it.

Once Araxxor has been reduced to 0 lifepoints, he will limp over to the final platform and begin phase 4.

Phase 4:

The final phase.

Once Araxxor has reached the center of the platform, he will turn to face the player, and then his mate, Araxxi will fall from the ceiling, and devour Araxxor. You will now need to defeat Araxxi.

Araxxi has limited mechanics in relation to phase 3, she can cleave, web shield, cocoon and if minion path is still open, periodically spawn minions. If darkness path is open, she will periodically plunge the arena into darkness, and you will need to head towards the circles of light as per the previous phases.

Araxxi will attack with ranged and magic hits (regardless of the combat type of Araxxor), and if you happen to be using protect from ranged or magic, Araxxi will attempt to attack with the opposite style.

Once Araxxi reaches half lifepoints (50,000), she will become enraged, attacking significantly faster (6 tick down to 4 tick, 3600ms down to 2400ms) and no longer use special attacks. Once Araxxi reaches one quarter remaining lifepoints (25,000) she will unleash a putrid acid attack. When this acid is released, your adrenaline will be drained.

The putrid acid is a black projectile that bounces around the arena. It will bounce 4 times, and then chase the player until it makes contact. You 'need' to take at least one hit from the putrid acid (1500 typeless) and then move so that it can bounce another 4 times before chasing you once more. If you fail to move with the putrid acid on top of you, you will continuously take typless hits. This can prove problematic if you happen to be cocooned right as the putrid acid targets you.

Once Araxxi is defeated, she will roll over, leaving a corpse which you can loot.

Note: If a player attempts to use deathtouched darts on Araxxor, they will receive a message stating that Araxxor is immune to the power of the darts, however, it is possible to use the darts on Araxxi, who will instantly die.

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