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The Book of Equilibrium is a moderately powerful ability codex dropped by The Dark Lord.

As this book is an item rather than an ability, it may be cast at any time, not just when the player has no GCD (global cool-down).

Adrenaline requirement: 0%
Cool-down: 60 seconds
Duration: 6 seconds


Whilst under the effects of the Book of Equilibrium, players are able to cast threshold abilities with only 15% adrenaline, rather than the standard 50% required. Note: abilities will still be 'greyed-out' if under 50%, but ARE able to be cast.


The Book of Equilibrium is a versatile tool that players can use in a pinch to either aid them in damage (for example, forcing a boss phase by using threshold damaging abilities under 50%) or to save them from potentially lethal incoming damage (casting reflect or debilitate whilst they normally wouldn't have enough adrenaline to do so). Players end up finding their own special uses for this item over time.

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