Player commands:

;;commands - Open this page.

;;guide - Opens the guides page.

;;claim - Claim donated items/perks/etc.

;;reward <number> - Claim votes, use a number after e.g. ;;reward 1

;;item - Spawn items at will (only on world 2).

;;itemsearch - Search item ID's in the database (only on world 2).

;;dhme - Set your hitpoints to 1 (only on world 2).

;;master - Set all your stats to max level (only on world 2).

;;master120 - Set all your stats to max level with enough XP for 120. (only on world 2).

;;emote <ID> - Use an animation ID, only usable on world 2, in the bank area at home. E.g. ;;emote 24458

;;gfx <ID> - Use a graphics ID, only usable on world 2, in the bank area at home. E.g. ;;gfx 5094

;;sync <animID> <GFXID> - Use an animation and graphics at the same time, only usable on world 2, in the bank area at home. E.g. ;;sync 24010 1950

;;removetitle - Remove your current title.

;;cluetitle - apply the title reward from crack the clue.

;;raxtitle - apply the title 'the Araxyte' if you have completed a 500%+ enraged kill of Araxxi.

;;maxtitle - For those who can wear the max cape.

;;comptitle - For those who can wear the trimmed completionist cape.

;;reapertitle - apply the title 'the Reaper' if you have completed all PvM feats

;;irontitle - Set an ironman title (args true/false, where true means title is prefix, false means suffix. Limited to ironmen).

;;home - Return to the home/starting area. Some restrictions for use apply.

;;empty - Open a dialogue to empty your inventory.

;;resetdomtower - Used to fix players who were stuck in dominion tower, only usable at dom tower bank.

;;train - Open the training teleports dialogue.

;;myxprate - View your selected XP rate, and broadcast it to those around you.

;;mydroprate - View your drop-rate, and broadcast it to those around you.

;;players - List online players (only for your current world).

;;fixedge - Open dialogue to repair/destroy edgeville.

;;wiki - Open the home page of the Vortex Wiki.

;;forum - Opens the Vortex RSPS Forums.

;;vote - Open the voting page link.

;;discord/;;gg - Open an invite link to the Vortex discord.

;;store/;;donate - Open the link to the online store.

;;hiscores/;;highscores - Open the link to the highscores.

;;website - Open the link to the main Vortex website.

;;mycoords - display player position.

;;checkwell - displays if the Well of Goodwill is active.

;;checkcomp - Display progress towards the Completionist Cape variants.

;;checkaccount - Display info from the noticeboard regarding your account.

;;checkpvmfeats - Display info on your progress through PvM Feats.

;;reloadmap - Force a "loading please wait" to refresh your game screen (use if client bugs and doesn't load region).

Donator commands:

;;title/;;settitle - Set your title, ID's 0-265. Titles seen here. (limited to extreme donators).

;;yell - Send a global broadcast to the whole server!

;;dz - Previously this took you to the donor zone, now the donor zone is incorporated into the home area.

Perk commands:

;;perks - List all owned perks

;;bank - Open your bank at will! Some restrictions apply, extreme donators have access to this command

;;portables - Spawn a portable skilling location of your choice, lasts 5 minutes.

;;customtitle - Set a custom title that you have paid for.

;;changerestanimation - Select a custom resting animation.

;;changeteleanimation - Select a custom home teleport animation.

;;ignoredragonperk - toggles off your antifire perk for 10 minutes, can be removed by dying.

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