The Demon statuette is an item which can be purchased for 10,000,000 GP from the Zamorak Mage just north of the border wall in Edgeville (this is the Zamorak Mage which teleports players to the abyss).

While carrying the statuette within the wilderness, players will notice the following benefits:

  • Dragon bones and Dragonhides as drops from NPCs are noted
  • 250%-350% of the base XP when entering the Abyss via the wilderness
  • Scaling increased XP while using the Wilderness agility course (best XP in game)
  • 20% chance to not consume bones or ash when using the chaos altar as a prayer training method
  • 20% chance to double a dragon bone or dragon hide drop (when the quantity dropped was 1)
  • Revenant creatures will no longer be aggressive
  • The Chaos Elemental will no longer attempt to unequip items
  • 100% success rate for slashing webs
  • Ability to select destination of Wilderness Obelisks

While holding the statuette within the wilderness, players will have a permanent teleblock effect applied to them which prevent some teleport options such as:

  • Spell teleports
  • Lodestone teleports
  • Command teleports (e.g. ;;home)
  • Item teleports such as tabs or jewelry

The following teleport options ARE still allowed:

  • Wilderness obelisks
  • Zamorak mage abyss entry
  • Wilderness teleport levers (e.g. Mages bank)

Upon dying to a player in the wilderness, the statuette is ALWAYS lost on death, awarding 9,500,000 GP to the killer.

Players cannot destroy the demonic icon while in combat to escape from an attacking player. Players will have a red skull above their heads to display visually to other players that they are carrying the skull.

If you are carrying a Demon Statuette, any player of any combat level can attack you, even if normally the wilderness level wouldn't allow it.

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