Feats are achievements within Vortex which are test of skill rather than grinding out over time.

You can access your feats in-game with the ;;checkpvmfeats command.


Profane Tzhaar

Defeat Tztok-Jad in the Fight Caves without the use of overhead protection prayers.

Fire Dancer

Defeat the Queen Black Dragon without the use of any anti-fire protection (prayers, shields, items, perks).

Wait you guys had supplies?

Defeat Araxxi without using a helmet, cape, body, legs, boots and gloves slot item and without using healing supplies.

Are you not entertained?

Defeat the Dark Lord in a solo encounter on Hard Mode.

It's rewind time everybody!

Heal Araxxi for at least 32,000 life in one hit after getting her below 5,000 life points, and then defeat her.


Defeat Araxxi with an enrage level of at least 500%.

PvM Learning Feats:

Vortex has several PvM feats which are designed to help player better learn the EoC combat system.

For completing all of these feats, players can purchase an Asylum Surgeons Ring from Lady Deathknell in the Lumbridge Combat Academy for 1,000,000 coins. The feats are as follows:

Resonance 1

Use Resonance to heal at least 1,000 incoming damage

Resonance 2

Use Resonance to heal at least 5,000 incoming damage

Resonance 3

Use Resonance to heal at least 10,000 incoming damage

Freedom 1

Use Freedom to break free from a stun

Freedom 2

Use Freedom or anticipation before being stunned to prevent it

Freedom 3

Use Freedom to remove a bleed effect on yourself

Mitigation 1

Use Reflect to mitigate a hit of over 2,000 damage with 2,000 or less lifepoints that would have killed you

Mitigation 2

Use Reflect and Debilitate to mitigate a hit of over 4,000 damage with 2,000 or less lifepoints that would have killed you

Mitigation 3

Use Barricade to avoid a hit higher than 6,000 damage

Mitigation 4

Use Devotion to prevent a hit higher than 2,000 damage which would have otherwise killed you

Mitigation 5

Use Immortality to prevent death from within 3 seconds of casting it

Mobile 1

Use Surge or Escape and then Barge to a target in less than two seconds of eachother.

Mobile 2

Use the Barge ability to break free from a bind

Bleeds 1

Cause a target to move while under the effect of a bleed which increases if they move

Bleeds 2

Force a target to move by using Stomp while it is affected by a bleed of which the damage is increased with movement

Switchscape 1

Use the following abilities, in order, in quick succession: Decimate, Havoc, Cleave, Smash

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