Upon reaching level 99 in any skill, the player is allowed to equip a Skill Cape to demonstrate their achievement.

All Skill Capes provide the same combat stats, regardless of the skill, but will have a different perk effect for each cape.

After achieving level 99 in all stats, the player may purchase the Max Cape, which is not only more powerful in combat, but can also be combined with 3 different perks. Simply purchase the skill cape which has the perk you want and use it on your Max Cape, then select which perk slot you would like filled. If it is already taken, it will over-write the old cape's effect with the newly chosen one.

Please refer to the skill table below to determine the perk effect.

Skill Cape

Perk Effect:

(P) Denotes Passive Ability

(A) Denotes Activated Ability


Agility cape (t).png
(P) Grant bonus experience equivalent to a silverhawk boots proc upon completing a lap.

(P) Increases run stamina regeneration rate.

Attack cape (t).png
(P) 2% chance for degradable items not to degrade.
Constitution cape (t).png
(P) Restore life at 5x the normal rate.
20201118121842!Construction cape (t).png
(P) Chance to save a plank when creating furniture that requires 3 or more planks.

(A) Teleports to player's house.

Cooking cape (t).png
(P) Prevent food from burning while cooking.

(A) Instantly cook all raw food, but receive no experience.

Crafting cape (t).png
(P) Acts as an inexhaustible supply of thread.
Defence cape (t).png
(P) Acts as a Sign of Life - Resurrects player upon taking fatal damage.

(A) Check passive ability's cool down time remaining.

Divination cape (t).png
(P) Increased chance to receive enriched memory when harvesting.
Dungeoneering cape (t).png
(A) Teleport to any resource dungeon.
Farming cape (t).png
(P) Increases crop yield.

(A) Teleport to all Tree and Fruit Tree patches.

Firemaking cape (t).png
(A) Grants a bonfire buff equivalent to Elder Log bonfires. (+5% Max HP, 75 minutes)
Fishing cape (t).png
(P) Acts as in inexhaustible supply of feathers and bait when fishing.

(P) Never tire while fishing.

Fletching cape (t).png
(P) Chance to make extra bolts, arrows, and darts when fletching.
Herblore cape (t).png
(A) Instantly convert all grimy herbs into their "(unf) potion" variant for 1,000 gold per herb.
Hunter cape (t).png
(P) Allows the placement of one additional trap.
Magic cape (t).png
(A) When out of combat, change to Normal, Ancient, or Lunar spellbook.
Mining cape (t).png
(P) 10% chance to not deplete rocks when mining.
Prayer cape (t).png
(P) When killing a monster, restore prayer points equivalent to the Demon Horn Necklace bonus. Does not consume the bones.
Ranged cape (t).png
(P) 20% higher chance to activate enchanted bolt abilities.

(P) Functions as an "Ava's" device.

Runecrafting cape (t).png
(P) 10% chance to craft 50% more runes, granting XP for each extra rune created.
Slayer cape (t).png
(A) Teleport to any slayer master.
Smithing cape (t).png
(P) When smithing items which require at least 3 bars, grants a chance of retaining a bar.
Summoning cape (t).png
(P) 5% chance to save a charm when creating a pouch.
Thieving cape (t).png
(P) When pickpocketing items, all items stolen will be noted. Some items cannot be noted.
Woodcutting cape (t).png
(A) Toggle to cause all cut logs to be instantly consumed for 50% extra XP.
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