The Vortex Hub is a centralized access point to the vast majority of all content in Vortex.


The Vortex Hub has four 'right-click' options;

  1. Stores & Actions
  2. Teleports
  3. Previous Action
  4. Current Event

Stores & Actions:

This option allows players to access a wide variety of shops, including the vote shop and runecoin store. Players can also redesign their base character, repair items, teleport to slayer masters, perform various donator actions, collect daily rewards, access actionbar options and start the current Crack The Clue.

The actionbar options offer the ability to set up auto-bar swapping according to weapon type or shield, as well as adjusting which types of abilities are triggered by revolution and finally adjusting how many slots of their actionbar are affected by revolution.


The Vortex Hub offers teleports to many different locations all over Vortex! They are as follows:

Training Teleports:
  • Men
  • Rock Crabs
  • Dwarf Battlefield
  • Frost Dragons
  • Slayer Locations
Minigame Teleports:
  • Barrows
  • Clan Wars
  • Pest Control
  • Dungoneering
  • The Fight Kiln
  • The Fight Caves
  • The Duel Arena
  • The Warriors Guild
  • Soul Wars
  • Dominion Tower
  • Stealing Creation
PvP Teleports:
  • East Dragons
  • Forinthry Dungeon
  • Wilderness Agility Course
  • Mages Bank
  • Wilderness Gates (level 47)
Boss Teleports:
  • Godwars Dungeon
  • Corporeal Beast
  • Kalphite Queen
  • Queen Black Dragon
  • King Black Dragon
  • Bork
  • WildyWyrm
  • Dagannoth Kings
  • Chaos Elemental (wilderness)
  • Glavor Cave
  • Tormented Demons
  • Kalphite King
  • Vorago Borehole
  • Rise of the Six
  • Araxyte Hive
Skilling Teleports:
  • Fishing Guild
  • Barbarian Fishing
  • Al-Kharid Mines
  • Rimmington Mines
  • Karamja Mines
  • Living Rock Caverns
  • Red Sandstone
  • Gnome Agility Course
  • Barbarian Outpost Agility
  • Wilderness Agility Course
  • Karamja Jungle (teak/mahogany)
  • Seer's Village
  • Runespan
  • Rune Altars
  • Summoning Obelisk
  • Falador Allotment
  • Falconry
  • Feldip Hills
  • Puro Puro
  • Thieving: Edgeville
  • Thieving: Draynor
  • Thieving: Ardougne
  • Theiving: Keldagrim
  • Divination Locations

Previous Action:

This allows players to, at a single click, open a shop, teleport, or use whatever the last function of the Vortex Hub was.

Current Event:

This is a quick teleport to the dynamic events which occur hourly on Vortex.

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